TAPCO DB 1 A - di-box aktywny

TAPCO DB 1 A - di-box aktywny

3 maja 2007, 00:00
Producent: TAPCO
The DB-1A is an Active direct box that can be powered either internally by two 9-volt batteries or externally by phantom power from a mixer. It also features:

* INPUT - Connect the signal source to this 1/4" unbalanced TS jack.
* POWER LED - Indicates when the battery or Phantom power is applied.
* THRU - This 1/4" input lets you connect an instrument to an amplifier onstage.
* PKUP/LINE – Lets you optimize for instruments like guitars and basses or keyboards
* SPKR – Configures input to accept speaker level outputs, from a guitar amp for example.
* GND/LIFT – Helps to eliminate buzz and hum due to ground loops in the sound system.
* OUTPUT - This balanced XLR jack provides a low-impedance mic-level signal for connecting to a microphone input on a mixer. If the mixer has phantom power, it can be used to power the DB-1A, which automatically switches power away to save battery life.

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